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  • Flame fire retardant BDP
Flame fire retardant BDP

Flame fire retardant BDP

Bisphenol A-bis(diphenyl phosphate)
Chemical name: bisphenol A-bis (diphenyl phosphate)
English abbreviation: BDP
Molecular formula: C39H34O8P2
Molecular weight: 692.63
CAS No. 5945-33-5
Physicochemical properties:
BDP is a halogen-free flame retardant belonging to low-polyphosphate. It is based on bisphenol A and bisphosphate as monomers.
Product uses:
BDP is a halogen-free phosphate flame retardant with low volatility, excellent hydrolysis stability and thermal stability. It can be used as flame retardant plasticizer for PC/ABS and PPO/HIPS engineering plastics. It can also be used as flame retardant plasticizer of PVC with high thermal stability.
Main indicators:
Items and indicators
Acid value (mg KOH/g) less than 0.1
Water content (wt.%) less than 0.1
N = 1 content 80-89
Phosphorus content (wt.) 8.9
TPP content (wt.%) less than 3.0
IPP content (wt.%) < 0.05
Phenol content (ppm) less than 500
Density (25 degrees C, g/cm3) 1.260 +0.010
Viscosity (40 degrees C, mPa_s) 1800-2600
Color (APHA) less than 80
Avoid inhaling steam and mist droplets when using. Avoid splashing into the eyes and contact with skin and clothes. Do not touch skin for long or multiple times. Containers for products should be kept sealed to avoid excessive contact with moisture. The use place should be well ventilated. Clean the skin with soapy water.
Packing: Iron drum, net weight 250 kg.

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